To Nap or Not to Nap

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Arizona air had done something  strange with my body.  I have never been a nap person.  I hated naps as a child.  My mother always fighting with me to stay down and take a nap.  Why there was just too much to see and do to waste time sleeping.  Sleeping was highly over rated.  In kindergarten I had to take a rug or mat for nap time.  Really?  I was five years old and entirely too old for a nap.  Those were for babies.  In my crazy younger days when my friends were sleeping until noon or later, I was up and going.  No time to sleep in or take a nap.  Naps were for those that couldn’t stay on the porch with the big dogs.  The only time I would sleep in was when I didn’t go to bed until six or seven in the morning.

When my daughter was a baby and I put her down for a nap, other moms would tell me to take a nap at the same time, I would feel better.  Down with that!  I would rush around getting things done so that everything would be done when Kelley woke up from her nap.  She was a baby, she needed her rest, not me!  As an adult, I found taking a nap in the middle of the day made me feel worse than if I just stayed up and toughed things out.

So the years have gone by and I am still not one to nap in the daylight, unless I am sick.  My family knows that if they see me sleeping in the middle of the day I am sick, very sick.  However, since this move to the desert southwest I find the need for an afternoon nap.  I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  That has never happened to me in all my 64 years.  I would say its the heat but I am in the air conditioning all afternoon. I thought it might be that I’m back to riding my bicycle but I didn’t ride this morning as we had company at eight in the morning.   I did venture to Lowe’s and the grocery store after the company left.  That surly wouldn’t cause one to need a nap.

I was wondering if my northern body is changing in ways I did not consider when I left the Northland.  I never felt the need for a nap all the years I lived in the Southeast.  Here I sit typing away, thinking I should get off this computer and go take a nap before I fall asleep at my desk.  I will have to apologize to my daughter for all the times I made fun of her for sleeping her life away by taking naps.  If I nap now I will be refreshed and ready for dinner time and a cool drink out on the patio.

My question: do you think my body is changing and requesting new behaviors because of my age or is it the new hot climate causing my body to need more rest?


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