How Much Of A Good Thing?

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Ah, here I go again pondering things in life.  The reason behind this mornings thoughts again is the weather.  I turned on the computer and noticed Montana was having snow, rain, floods and possible mudslides.  The Mid-west just suffered through huge tornadoes. Here I sit with cloudless skies, a slight breeze and hot temperatures.  I was wondering if there is too much of a good thing?  How many hot summer days with no bad weather is a bad thing?  Do people here in Arizona get a form of cabin fever because of the heat?  People up North talk about cabin fever during the long, cold winters when it’s too cold to get out and do much of anything.  Do people here have the same complaint only because its too hot to leave your air conditioning?  Do people get tired of sunny and hot?

I always thought I would love to work in a chocolate factory where I could have all the chocolate I could eat but realized quickly that might not be such a great idea.  All that sugar would probably kill me but I would die with chocolate on my fingers and a smile on my face.   I did work in an ice cream shop years ago and I was allowed to have ice cream everyday.  Soon I was only tasting the new flavor of the month.  Not long after that I wasn’t eating any ice cream and after that job I didn’t eat ice cream for years.  Come to think of it, maybe I should get a job in a chocolate factory and it would kill my love for the sweet, dark, smooth confection.

I have debated before if there is too much fun and decided there is no such thing. One might feel that way the next day for various reasons but really there is no such thing.  Too much laughing?  Never!  Too much love? Nope!  Too many hugs? Another big no!  Too much good health?  Never ever!

If there was such a thing as too much good weather, then there wouldn’t be so many people living in this area. I would say that this Southwestern, dry, hot weather is a well-kept secret but if you could see how many people live in this huge valley one would know it’s not a secret at all.  People that have never been here look at the thermometer and think we are crazy for enduring these temperatures.

Last night the local weatherman made me laugh when he explained how chilling it was going to be tomorrow.  Only 99*F, which is unheard of for the most part during this time of year.  I was wondering if I should dig out a sweater?  The other day when it was only 102*F, the golf courses were crowded.  Tomorrow at a chilly 99* people will be out in droves.

Does anyone think there is really too much of a good thing and what would that be?  So far I haven’t come across anything too good that I thought I should stop.  How about you?


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