Daughter Saves Mom, Again!


Yesterday I finally got to my office with the unpacking.  I actually got most of it put together and even fixed my crashed computer.  OK, I’m not from India or where ever “Bob” is from but I finally got the recovery discs to work after an hour on the phone and Bob transferring me to his supervisor.  The supervisor “Dave” said I would have to mail the computer into a service center for them to fix the darn thing.  Wanted $200 up front.  I don’t think so.  I hung up and kept plugging away until I finally got the recovery to work and then spent the afternoon working on my apps and software.

The new manuscript god was not looking down on me with favor yesterday.  I mean, what in the world had I done wrong that he would punish me with no copies of my second book in progress?  I had everything up and working and plugged in my external memory to my horror there was no copy of the new manuscript.  I was in a panic!  I must be looking in the wrong place.  But there in front of me were several copies of Going Nowhere Fast and several short stories.  I tried several times and places to look for the missing copy.  NOTHING!  What had I done wrong?  I even went to my SkyDrive and it the copy wasn’t there either.  I was now falling into the pit of writer’s hell.  No worries, I had a hard copy.

I went to my file cabinet and there was the hard copy of Going but no new manuscript.  I then thought the copies had got mixed together during the great pack up the office last month.  I thumbed through the pages and only saw Going.  My biggest fear was coming true right before my eyes.  All my hard work on the new book was gone!  How would I recover in my memory all I had written?  Why I can’t remember where I put my car keys.

Finally late in the afternoon I emailed my darling daughter that helps me edit to see if she still had all the copies on her computer.  She has saved me again!  I now have the twenty-nine chapters again, saved in several places, as I checked and doubled checked and still have her email saved with the copies.

Almost forty years ago, that little baby girl saved my life.  When I found out I was pregnant that changed my life. I have always said if it hadn’t been for her I would have died a long time ago. If you have read Going Nowhere Fast you know what I’m talking about.  Even though I left her out of the book based on actual facts, she really is the reason I gave that life up.  Now years later she is still saving me only in different ways.  Yesterday she saved me from the writer’s hell of losing their work.  Now if she could tell me where my car keys are there would be real celebrating.  Although, I did finally find the charger for the Garmin I had lost.  Maybe moving hell and writer’s hell are one in the same?




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