Sunsets, Shoes, and Glasses


Montana skies must be reading my blog and understands that I am stressing and considering therapy.   I was treated to yet another wonderful sunset last night.  The cares of the day, the stress of purging my office all melted away.  As I watched the sun disappear beyond the hills to the west of our place I was taken in by the beauty and grander of the Montana Skies.  How very lucky I am to have lived here for over ten years.  My husband teases me that we have the largest collection of Montana sunset photos of anyone in the country.  That may be true but each photo is marvelous in it’s own right.  Each one slightly like the others but totally different.  To my eye, each photo is totally different if even taken just seconds apart.

After over six hours of going through three file cabinets, two book cases, two desks and three huge shelves of portraits, making decisions of what needs to be packed to move, what needs to be sold and what need to find it’s way to the dump, I wasn’t on the edge of needing therapy, I was thinking I was beyond help.  After spending almost twenty minutes enjoying the sunset, I decided this move is the granddaddy of all therapy secession.

Maybe its because I am retired, moving again, or I really see just how much stuff I have hung onto, I can see the light!  Over the past couple of days I have learned: I do not need four pairs of red shoes,  I do not need six pairs of black slacks, I do not need four pairs of white shoes, or three pairs of pink shoes.  I do not need to keep income tax papers from 1998.  I do not need four address books that I haven’t looked at for ten years or longer.  Thirty-seven ink pens, most of which I picked up at different expos along with stacks of note pads that were given out at the same expos.  Brochures from every  Home and Garden show I have ever attended and every What Women Want Expo.

As far as the clothing and shoes, my defense I liked to dress nice for work and when I was working all those things were worn often.  Now, facing the truth, the fact is I have been retired two years and I should have purged my closet and office then and I wouldn’t be faced with this now.

Like most older people we have said we are going to die in this house and we will never move again.  The last ride we take from this house will be in the long black car.  So why did I need to get rid of all this crap?  I was going to let my daughter deal with it after I die.  I mean, isn’t that what family is all about?  My daughter and I had the task of cleaning out my parents home of forty-six year and although it was a hard job, we had a grand time.  One hold up was keeping my daughter busy sorting things and not trying on dresses from the sixties and seventies, along with Mom’s cat like glasses and wigs. Scan 6

Have no fear my dear daughter, I have no wigs and yesterday I put all my old glasses in a box to be taken to the Lion’s Club.  Although, I have not decided what I will do with my hair extensions.  I might just pack them away and leave them for you to find after I’m no longer here.  They just might bring a smile to your face.

Thank you Montana for the therapy last night.  May I ask for another secession this evening, please.





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