4-60 and Canvas Water Bags


My advice to anyone planning a home hunting trip, don’t make any plans to keep up with my blog or your emails.  As the saying goes, “I’m so far behind I think I’m first.”   It would have been a much easier trip on this ol body if we would have had two or three weeks to go and take a look around.  One must remember the last time I was in the Phoenix area we traveled on Route 66.  Never mind on how many ears ago that was, thank you very much.  I will say the car we traveled in had no seat belts, no padded dashes, no A/C except for the 4-60.  That’s four windows down and traveling at 60 miles per hour!  Cooled us off!  And daddy had a canvas water bag tied to the front grill.  Remember those?  There were road side parks and tourist stops with real Native Americans and no one got there panties in a wad if someone said “Indian”.  They actually dressed in old Native outfits and even wore head dresses of their forefathers.  There were Bermma Shave signs along the highways, Texaco and Sinclair gas stations.  Of course Mom collected S & H Green Stamps on that trip too!

OK, so now you know I am older than dirt and are probably thinking I traveled in the first cars after the wagon trains made their way west.  Not quite that old, but it was an exiting time for a five-year old to experience the West before the Interstate Highway systems crisscrossed our nation. Every now and then on this trip we could see glimpses of the old roads and washed out bridges.  I wondered if at one time I had even traveled on there when my daddy was driving and I was thinking about cowboys and Indians or the Grand Canyon.   I remembered standing along the edge of the canyon with my mom scared to death I would topple over the edge as there were no guard rails to hold people back from a certain death.  That was back in the day when you did something stupid, like falling off the edge of the Grand Canyon, it was your dumb ass’s fault and not the fault of the Government that did not protect you from the edge.  I miss those days.

We were ahead of the tourist season and I wish we could have visited all those long ago places that captured my mind as a young girl that dreamed of being Annie Oakley or Dale Evans.  But we were on a mission and those side trips were put off for another time.   I did get a few looks at some wildlife on our ventures to look at different communities near Phoenix.  During our trip we were treated to sightings of Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer, White Tails, Jack Rabbits, various birds, and so many Bald Eagles I lost track of the count.

Even though we were beat tired at the end of each day we did enjoy our trip.  How one can get so tired from driving around and looking at homes I will never be able to explain but it happened.  Our third day in the big cities we learned how to stay off the interstates and travel on city streets and made much better time.  If you haven’t been in traffic for a while and don’t really want to be, stay out of the Phoenix area.  It’s almost as bad as the Los Angeles area.  I don’t like that either.

Now its time to get my old butt of this computer for the day and get caught up on laundry and other every day chores.  No matter how boring those everyday chores are, its good to be home and with our fur kids.



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