I have been trying to slow my brain down all morning to no avail.  Yesterday my husband and I committed to big changes in our life.  Excited, scared and slightly stressed,  I have decided the commitment is a good thing.  Big changes bring on a flood of emotions.  We will be leaving our beloved Montana and moving to Arizona.  Wow, there I said it.

We have been kicking this idea round for a couple of months.  Actually, since I got back from a three-week stay with my mother-in-law.  We are not strangers to living near or with our aging parents.  After my father died, we took care of my mom.  First at long distance because she couldn’t stand the thought of leaving her home of forty-six years, and we understood.  There came a time when she could no longer take care of her self, she needed help.  So we packed her up and moved her south.

We have come to that bridge again my mom-in-law.  Although, she is much healthier than my mom was, she still needs a bit of help.  We are in the position that we can pack up and move, taking on this great new adventure.  That was an easy decision!  I’m actually looking forward to all the new experiences in a new place.

Now comes the hard decisions.  What do we move, what do we sell, what do we do with all this crap!  Cheese and Rice, I don’t understand how two people can acquire so much stuff!  Granted we do not have a storage unit someplace filled with stuff, but we have a house and a big garage, both full!  Where does it all come from?  We have moved nine times since 1998.  Every time we have moved we have down sized, gone through things, had yard sales, moving sales and donated a ton of stuff.   I believe the stuff breeds!  One day your basement has plenty of room and the next time you go downstairs to find a place to store something, the damn place if full!  Same goes with the garage.  One day you have all your toys and vehicles parked inside, the next you go outside to add a box to the shelf and it’s full.  Then you can’t get your car into the same space it was parked last week!

Granted, when my mom died, I acquired much of her things and I haven’t had the heart to part with most of that stuff.  I have two of everything one could want to supply a kitchen.  I have furniture my father build.  Nothing fancy but its part of my childhood.   I won’t even start on my shoe collection.  As I tell my husband it’s not an addiction, it’s a hobby.  Same goes for his hundreds of books.  Thank god he now reads mostly on a Kindle.

Every time we have moved we have vowed that we would not replace all the stuff  we just got rid of and make our life simpler.  So much for vows!  Again, last night as we laid in bed we promised to simplify our life.  Get rid of the stuff, move only what we absolutely need or was handed down to us from our parents.  Keep what we want to leave to our children and sell the rest.  What is the saying about best laid plans?

How do we break this cycle of replacing the stuff we got rid of during the latest move?  Better yet, when we are going through things, how do we not break down and keep things we know we shouldn’t?   My husband always says as we are sorting for a move, “Get rid of it, it’s just stuff.”

If it’s only stuff, why do we keep replacing things?  I think we need to attend meetings!   Stuff Anonymous!



One response to “Stuff!

  1. Oh, Dawn, I so sympathize with you. I’ve sometimes wondered if “moving” might be the “hell” the Bible speaks of! The constant sorting…deciding…sorting…deciding…packing…deciding…unpacking… I hate it (meaning all of the above). But the adventure of a new place and new experiences? I love that! And from what I’ve learned about you, I’m sure you will, too!

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