Finding My Dark Side



Finding my dark side for the manuscript I am working on has proved to be harder at times than I thought it would be and yet other times, easier.  Having decided that I needed to go into more detail of the dark, sick mind of serial killer’s character, I was lost for words.  I knew the direction I wanted the story line to proceed but how to go down that path was the problem at hand.

Locking myself into the character involved with the killer, I took myself to my deepest fears.  What would really terrify me?  How would I react?  How strong of a survivor would I be if my life hung in the balance?  Finding those answers, I then had to go dark in the killer’s character.

Have I read enough or researched enough to do down this path?  To my surprise, after just a few minutes the words starting flowing.   My deepest fears flowed onto the screen, my heart rate increased, the words kept coming faster and faster.  Even the thoughts of the killer flew onto the screen.   He knew what fear he was causing.  He went off on his own causing more fear and panic than I thought one could inflict.

Yesterday before I closed down the computer for the day, I re-read what I had put to paper   I had captured the real fear, the terror of the character trying to survive.  Now I was presented with another problem.  How do I put her to sleep for the night?

I turned off the computer, shut the office door, and spent the evening with my loving husband and my fur kids.  Both the hunted and hunter were locked away for the night.  Today it’s another trip back into surviving being hunted down by a sick demented mind of a serial killer.   With my second cup of coffee, it’s time to open the door and wake everyone up.



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