St. Patrick’s Day



Its St. Patrick’s Day, on a rainy Montana Monday. As a retiree, all has changed.  Once I sported all sorts of green on this Irish day of celebrating.  Showing up to work with my finest green attire.  I’m German for crying out loud!  OK, German and English and all sorts of other blood lines since my Great-great- Grandfathers set foot on American soil.  No telling what really flows through these veins.  Don’t really care.  I’m an American.  No German-American or English-American statements in this household.  Sorry, going off the political correct train this morning.  Our forefathers and mothers took great strides to come to America, to become citizens, to live here in the land of the free.  Where the American flag flies first on the flag poles across the land.    Not under some other country’s flag because someone is proud of their home land.  Unheard of when I was growing up.  Be proud to be an American first, then celebrate your heritage second.  You were born here, why should you be an Mexican-American?  Or African-American? Or any other country-American?  You that proud of your heritage, then move back to the country of your forefathers and give up your American citizenship.   If you want to leave your country to come here and try to improve your life, then become an American citizen.  If not, go back where you came from and stop waving that homeland flag of yous.

They say, everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s day.  Nope, I’m still an American and there probably isn’t a green drop of blood in my veins.  Since I am retired, to hell with wearing green today.  Not going to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Irish dancing, music and beer.  I would love to visit Ireland.  I love listening to an Irish accent.  If you of Irish descent, by all means, wear your green today.  But please don’t let me hear you are Irish-American.  Put that American part first, as it should be if you are a citizen.

I usually don’t spout my non political correctness but something got into me this morning.  Maybe it’s a tiny bit of Irish blood in me that got me going this morning.  With that said, Good Monday morning on this St. Patricks Day.  My the luck of the Irish be with you.


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