Pink or Gray



Waking to a pink world this morning as the sun peeked over the mountains to the east I found myself smiling.  Even the snow-covered fields around our little place here on the prairie part of Montana was glowing in shades of pink.  How could one not smile?  No matter what you believe,  a Heavenly Father, a supreme being, we evolved, or we were dropped off by space people, you can not deny the beauty in our world.  From the most remote areas of our earth, to the inner slums of an over crowded dirty city, there is always some beauty to find and enjoy.  We just have to take the time to look.

The love of nature and the world was passed down to me from my parents.  Daddy and I would spend time watching a thunder-storm roll in until the lightening was too close for comfort.  After the storm we would search for rainbows.  Sunrises and sunsets were always a treat at our house.  No matter what we were doing, there was always time to stop and look.  Daddy reaching for his camera.  He passed that on to me.  Mom, she didn’t like bad weather so she wouldn’t  join us to watch the thunderstorms.  She passed on to me the love of star gazing and moon watching.  

On one full moon when mom’s health was failing, I helped her outside so she could watch the moon come up over the mountains of northern Alabama. We stood there arm in arm watching until she could not stand any longer.  I didn’t know it then but that was her last view of a full moon.  

So now you know why sunsets and sunrises were a part of my first book.  Now you understand why so many of the photos I post are of nature.  I can never get my fill of the beauty of this world we share.   Not all my days are pink.  Some are dark and gray.  However, even dark and gray is remarkable.   



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