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Ten years ago I started writing Going Nowhere Fast.  I would write for a while, then take a break.  Always trying to convince myself that there would be people out there besides some friends that would want to read my words.  Then moving and work took over and I gave up finishing the book.  Every now and then someone would ask when I was going to finish.  Finally I decided what could it hurt.

My daughter was friends with a published author and hooked us up, via email.  I finally got brave enough to let someone read a snippet, someone who wasn’t a friend or family.  She encouraged me and gave me the information regarding her publisher.  With my heart in my throat I sent the publisher a message.  “Send me the first three chapters.”  Sending those first three chapters might have been one of the scariest things I had done in several years.  Even more scary than allowing a professional photographer look at my work.  After all I believed my photos are art and we all know how objective art can be.  My big surprise was the message from the publisher saying she wanted to publish me.  “Oh my god!  The book isn’t even finished.”  That was OK with her.  She encouraged me to finish the manuscript at my own pace and when I was finished we would start the process of editing and publishing.

Now my book went live on December 1, 2013 and my nerves had settled down.  Only on Monday, February 24, 2014 , I will be involved in a book blog tour.  My heart is back up in my throat.  People will be posting reviews of my book.  I’m not scared, I’m terrified.  I’m not sure why, I’m a big girl.  My publisher has taught me that even if I write a best seller there will always be people who do not like your work.  You can’t please all the readers all of the time.  Just like my photography, some people love it and some people are just polite with their comments.

Even though my book is about fifty percent fiction, it’s a part of me.  A piece of me that I have thrown out there for people to read.  If I hadn’t based the story on real life experiences, maybe I wouldn’t be so afraid of rejection.  Then I wonder if all authors have this same fear of rejection?  Are all the best-selling authors over this fear?  Do they read each review holding their breath?  How will I cope if someone says the book is a piece of trash?  Will I take it to heart and learn from the review?  Will it break my heart?

I have been away from my home for several weeks and other than my blog I have not touched my second book that’s in the works.  Maybe this book blog is coming at the right time.  Reviews will give me ideas of where I can improve.  How ever hard it may be, we all can improve, right?

I can do this!  I will hold my head high and do my best to enjoy my first blog tour.  I hope you will follow the tour.



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