Stay in the light


A ray of sunshine leaks into the dark corner of my mind, giving me hope.  It arrives in the words from a friend who encouraged me to keep on trying and doing the things I love.  I depressed myself thinking that my work was not good enough.  It took me years to learn that no matter how good my work was there would always be people who had bad things to say about it all.  Learning not to take bad reviews or opinions personal but to regard them as something to learn from was and still is hard for me.  I suppose that we all want to be loved and liked by everyone. Is that a natural human trait or just some kind of needy trait of creative people?  Acceptance or approval? How dare we push ourselves into darkness when there is light all around.  Choose to stay in the light.  Stay close to those who encourage and shine light into your life.  When you are in the light it reflects in all you do and all you share.


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