Winter drivers


Making this post simple stupid, the only problem I see with winter driving is the drivers.  Every where I have lived it has seemed that winter storms cause drivers to lose their minds.  I often ask myself why people forget how to drive on snow-covered roads between each snow storm?  Who told people who 4x4s are good on ice?  I keep hearing how people down south do not know how to drive in sever winter weather.  Then why are you out on the roads?  Now, I am not picking on Southern drivers.  A week or so ago I saw a thirty something car and truck pile up near Jackson, Michigan.  Why and how does this even happen?  Its drivers, that’s why.  People have lost all common sense when it comes to winter driving and there doesn’t seem to matter where in this country they live.

My satisfaction comes when I am driving in road conditions that demand slower speeds when some idiot in a 4×4 something or another passes me like it’s a nice summer day with dry roads and a few miles up the road I seem them off the road in a snow drift.  Gee maybe if you would have slowed down for the conditions you might not be off the road needing help.




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