Ture Colors

Ture Colors

“To thy own self be true.” So are the words of my writing and the colors of my photography. Even though I write fiction, my thoughts come from real life experiences. Although I sort of know how to use photoshop apps, I very seldom adjust the photos I share. I do admit that I change from color to black and white on some shots. Some things just look better in black and white. I believe life is that way, some memories are better in vivid color and others are better in stark black and white. The non-fiction short story that will be published hopefully in the next few months, the story about my experience with cancer would be a black and white photo with bright colors on the edges. If it was a movie it would play like the Wizard of Oz, black and white in the beginning and vivid color through to the end. How do you live your days? I choose 100 miles an hour in vivid color. OK, at my age I have slowed down a lot but I’m soaking up as many colorful hours and days as I can. We get many chances but we only go around once. Do it in color!


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