Cyber Space

Where do my messages and blogs go? One day everything works just fine and the next day I have problems getting emails much less having all this other social media working correctly. I’m to the point I’m seriously thinking about renting a teenager to come stay with me for a week or so. Just when I think I have learned the new smart phone and the new Windows update, something else is updated and I’m back to square one. Just when I’m feeling proud that someone my age can tackle and actually make all this stuff work, reality comes and smacks me dead center of my forehead, telling me, “hold on there granny goose, do you really think this was going to work?” “Honest computer I didn’t mean to strike the return key. Should I have used the mouse and clicked on post or reply instead?” Right now I’m weighing the options, having a teenager actually staying with me and risk going to jail for attempted murder OR keep at this and risk having to purchase a new computer because I threw this one out into the snow. Its a 50/50 situation. Maybe I just need a glass of wine? Wind is made from grapes, so it would be just like drinking juice, right? On the other hand, I don’t think there’s enough wine to get me through having a teen live with me. Enough said… to the help desk…..


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