How spoiled we are! No, I’m not going to tell you that in my day I walked to school in the Michigan winters, snow four feet deep, up hill both ways, but I will say winters were colder back then and we had more snow. I have photos to prove just how deep the snow would get back in the 50s and 60s. I don’t remember too many snow days from school. It was fine with us, that meant we got a day off to play outside. We would play until our snow suits were soaking wet and we were freezing. Would come in, change clothes, lay our wet things out in front of the furance duct to dry and as soon as it was, outside we ran again. Snow forts, snowball fights, sledding, and ice skating. It was a wonderful time to be alive. Thank goodness we didn’t have X boxes, computers, iPhones or tablets. There really wasn’t anything on daytime TV, except soap operas, and our mothers didn’t allow us to watch that stuff. Why we didn’t even have a color TV. Come to think of it, we were spoiled then, not now. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have all the modern tools that we enjoy today, I’m just saying not having them was OK. Having a mother that would allow us to go play, hoping we wouldn’t break anything as she helped us get into our snow suits and boots. Knowing we would play a little too long, coming back cold and wet but having had a wonderful time with friends. Actually talking to them, not sending them a text saying how cold it must be outside. If there was any time in my life that I could travel back in a time machine, it would be the winter of 1959. Just one more time to put on those ol boots and snow suit, complain how I was so bundled up I could hardly move. Meeting my friends from the neighborhood, building two snow forts, picking sides and letting the snow balls fly. Playing until my toes were numb from the cold and my fingers were wet and freezing. Shuffling my feet as I walked back to the house to get my clothes off and dried. Waiting impatiently, hoping things dried quickly, before the winter sun sat and my day of outdoors fun was over. Send me back if only for a day!


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