Still Young

Last night I had the strangest dream. The characters of “Going Nowhere Fast” all came to dinner at my house. What a surprise for me to open the door and see my fictional people standing on my stoop. At first I was afraid to open the door. Were they going to be angry at me for the way I portrayed them in the story? To my surprised they loved the story, even though some of them saw themselves in a different light, with the flaws of people they were long ago. In my dream none of us had aged. We all looked like the striking young people we once had been. As I passed the mirror in the mudroom looking at my reflection, I was wearing the smock from the truck stop where I had once worked. I wish I had an ending for this dream but the strong winds coming off the front range woke me up, leaving me with a smile on my face. A silly dream, maybe, but I believe we all are young in our minds, only our bodies age. As my mother would ask, “How did this old body get attached to such a young mind?” Now I am asking the same question. You?


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